Dental Implants - Providence, RI

Dental implants replace missing teeth and provide a fixed solution to removable partials or dentures. Dental implants are metal prosthetics shaped like the natural roots of your teeth that are surgically placed into your upper or lower jaw bone. Crowns or bridges are then attached to the implants.

Since the implant is fixed and not removable, you’ll find they function, feel, and look most like your natural teeth. Improved speech, comfort, appearance, function, and enhanced general oral health are all advantages to dental implants. 

Implant Treatment

Having a dental implant requires several visits to our Providence dental office over a number of months. Your visit with us would consist of having X-rays taken and a model made. We then would give you a referral to a periodontist or an oral surgeon. During your first visit to the oral surgeon or periodontist, he or she will extract the existing tooth if needed and surgically place the implant. Sometimes, extra bone is needed to secure the implant; this procedure is called a bone graft. Your specialist will be able to determine if this is a needed procedure. 

After adequate healing time, usually three to six months, you would return to either your oral surgeon or periodontist and he or she will uncover the implant and place a healing cap. Two weeks after the healing cap is placed, you will return to Paolucci Family Dentists to remove the healing cap and take an impression. This impression will be sent to a lab to have a crown made. When we receive the permanent crown, you will come in for final appointment with us and we will permanently cement this to the implant. 

Implant Care

Adequate dental hygiene must be maintained to insure the long-term health of your new implant. They require the same daily brushing and flossing, and the same amount of regular checkups. We also recommend that patients quit tobacco use since it interferes with the success of the implant integration.

There is a great amount of information concerning implants that would be difficult to convey without a proper consultation with the patient. Please feel free to contact our Providence dental office for an appointment to further discuss your treatment options.